Apr 18

CPT Overview

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Gillian Epp and Kelly Kellner on Set at the CPT Media Center inside the Grey Eagle Casino and Resort

What a week…

I hosted my first Tournament, a Canadian Poker Tour Event at the Grey Eagle Casino and Resort in Calgary, Alberta.

We had a huge amount of stress, as running the event was a really risky play. In the past the CPT had always ran an event at this time, in a different Calgary Casino. However this year, the Poker Manager at that Casino decided he didn’t need the CPT and would use the CPT players contact info and the CPT structure, and simply run the event without the Canadian Poker Tour.

Was the CPT gonna simply fold their hand? Hell no, they decided to 3 bet, they believed in their product and decided to simply move venues, offer guarantees, and directly compete with the old Casino.

I was hired, to host the event. With my involvement, I regularly tweeted, invited my friends and helped to boost awareness of the CPT Event. I brought a big group of players from Vancouver to support me and the event.

The Players from Vancouver are fierce!

The Event consisted of six Tournaments, and Vancouver dominated. Damien Damien (CaptainCBet) on Twitter took the PLO title, Dan Idema Daniel Idema (DanOdema) on Twitter beat Jason Mann (j_jmann) on Twitter  heads-up for the High Roller Title and Sean G Sean (SeanGPoker) on Twitter won player of the series and over $50K.

I had my dear friend Hooman Depars Hooman (hdepars) on Twitter sign the national Anthem, which was a really nice touch.

I kept on insinuating that we needed a players party, and because the Canadian Poker Tour has an official Tequila (Don Raymondo), it wasn’t to hard to get them to host a Tequila sampling!

The Event was a huge success, smashing all the guarantees. We had the largest field of any event in the prairie provinces in the last six years. I am proud that I was able to contribute to the success of this event.

I am very thankful to all the players who came out to support me, and the CPT.

I want to send a huge Thank-You to the Canadian Poker Tour and Grey Eagle Casino for giving me the opportunity to host the event and of course Don Raymondo for the tequila “sampling”.

Congrats once again to all the winners, and I hope to see you all at future events.


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Mar 13

Gillian Epp to Serve as Live Coverage Host for CPT Spring Showdown

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Gillian Epp for Ivey poker

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Mar 11

I’m Hosting the Spring Showdown in Calgary April 8th-14th 2014

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I’m Very Excited to Be Hosting the Spring Showdown in Calgary this April 8th-14th!!

The Series boasts:
• $250,000 GTD
• Player of the Series VIP trip for 2
• Buy-ins Ranging from $200-$3300
• And of course it’s hosted by ME!!!!!

Should be a great event, with a soft field and a large turnout. Hope to see you all there.

Spring Showdown Final Poster

Here’s All the details;

Grey Eagle Casino in Calgary to Host $250,000 Guaranteed Canadian Poker Tour Series

CPT Spring Showdown to run April 8th to 14th

The Canadian Poker Tour and Grey Eagle Casino announce the 2014 CPT Spring Showdown Poker Series next month in Calgary, Alberta. The series will feature 6 events with buy ins ranging from $200 to a $3300 High Roller event. With competition building in venues across the country for poker players attention, this series will feature the largest prize pool guarantees in recent history in Western Canada. Over $250,000 in guaranteed prize pools will make this one of the most lucrative event series for players who will also be competing for an additional bonus in the Player of the Series battle. Using the Canadian Poker Tour’s points system, the player accumulating the most points over the 6 day series will also win a VIP package to Las Vegas and a feature story and cover of the summer edition of Canadian Poker Player Magazine.

The Canadian Poker Tour is also pleased to announce that it will be producing event coverage, interviews and player profile from the series featuring celebrity poker hostess and poker pro Gillian Epp. Gillian is a world renowned Canadian poker pro who started her career in Cranbrook, B.C, and now frequents the high stakes arenas of Macau, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in pursuit of the biggest No Limit Cash poker games. She has recently been enlisted by Phil Ivey as a member of the very accomplished Team Ivey.

A high turnout of players from across North America is expected for the player friendly format of events:

Event 1 – Mega Stack with $550 buy in, 25,000 starting stack, 30 minute blind levels and $40,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Event 2 – Pot Limit Omaha rebuy format with $200 initial buy in, $100 rebuys plus a single/double add on and $25,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Event 3 – Turbo with $220 buy in, 10,000 starting stack, 20 minute Blind levels and $20,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Event 4 – Main Event with $1100 buy in, 2 starting days, 30,000 starting stack, 45 minute levels and $125,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Event 5 – Bounty with $330 buy with $100 bounty on every player, 15,000 starting stack, 30 minute levels and $30,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Event 6 – High Roller with $3300 buy in, 30,000 starting stack and 60 minute blind levels

Satellite tournaments run every Thursday and Sunday nights at 6pm where for a $200 buy in players can win packages into Events 1 and 4 worth $1650. There are also 4 scheduled satellites during the event series where players can win their way into the larger buy in events. Full details are available at www.canadianpokerour.tv and www.greyeaglecasino.ca including discounts on airfare to Calgary for the series from WestJet Airlines and special room rates at Hotel Blackfoot. Players are encouraged to follow the Canadian Poker Tour on its social media feeds @CPTOnline on Twitter and the Canadian Poker Tour Fan Page on Facebook for the latest announcements and special offers.

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Jan 30

My Aussie Adventure

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Gillian at Crown
One of the benefits of being a professional poker player is getting to travel to some glamorous destinations. This January poker has brought me down under to Melbourne, Australia for the 2014 Aussie Millions Tournament. With all this travel and these exotic locations, it begs the question “how do poker players stay focused and profitable without home-court advantage?”

I arrived on January 9th at 3:30am and everything had gone wrong. My luggage was lost (looking at you WestJet). Despite numerous emails back-and-forth, the rental car agency didn’t leave the car out! I was almost not even allowed to come to Australia because I hadn’t filled out an Electronic Visa. Despite all this I arrived safely and sorted out the details.

Crown ParkingAfter a few hours of sleep and finally finding a rental car, I explored the city and the Crown Casino (host of the Aussie Millions Tournament). This is a big must-do: take a test run of the casino before you actually begin to play. Something I learned was that parking is crazy expensive unless you have a casino rewards card (even then your free parking is for your next visit). I also learned that despite the heat outside it was very cold in the poker room. Mental note to go shopping for summer AND winter clothes.

On my first day at the casino the Poker Room was running a $25/50NL that I would have loved to jump into. Tip number two: that’s a rookie move. With only a few hours of sleep, a drama-filled trip, and a lack of knowledge regarding house rules, I would have been at a definite disadvantage. Instead, I railed and learnt the chip denomination colours and watched for any unique rulings. It’s extremely tilting to be in a big pot and be forced to make an unplanned play because of some house rule you’re unaware of.

As far as I could see the rules seemed pretty standard. The rake is pretty high but manageable. I did notice a turbo game with a shot clock (I know a lot of you, including Daniel Negreanu, have been wanting a clock for some time). The clocked game is a cash game. I won’t get into all the rules, but you basically have ten seconds to act and you have to pay $1 more for 30-seconds additional time.

Timed-games are ten-handed at the Crown while raked-games are nine-handed. Crown Casino uses last aggressor rules, so if the river goes check check the player who bet/raised last must open his or her hand first.

Once I have had a good night’s sleep and taken a test-run of the casino, then I allow myself to play poker. I have to think of Poker as a job – a really fun job but a job just the same. I can’t expect to perform well if I am not in a great mental state. Making sure to understand the difference between being here for work and being on holiday will be crucial in making sure my trip is profitable.

I arrived in Australia more than a week before the start of the tournament. I didn’t spend all this time learning that the Poker Room is really cold, I also made time to do touristy stuff with friends. We visited a penguin sanctuary where, at night, we watched hundreds of penguins arrive from the ocean and waddle along to their burrows to feed their young. We also took a trip to Healsville where we hung out with Australian wildlife. On the way back we went Wine and Beer tasting in the Yarra Valley. Unlike the Poker Room, the last few days have been too hot to do anything. The Australian Open is in Melbourne, and officials were forced to delay some matches due to the blistering heat.

After a week of touring, it’s time for me to earn my trip; to buckle down and grind. My focus now turns from being a tourist to being a poker pro. I’ve been playing cash games and earning Australian dollars. I’m expecting a lot of action and a big field in this tournament. Good luck to all the Ivey Poker Players participating. I look forward to talking to you on the other side.

If you want to follow my Aussie Adventure follow me on twitter at @GillEpp

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Jul 9

Summer 2013- Bet Raise Fold & IveyPoker Launch

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So it’s the 2013 Main Event. I’m in it to win it.

My summer as a whole has been fun. I’ve only played 4 events,  my time in Vegas has encompassed much more than tournament poker.

Bet Raise Fold

I started the summer by attending the premier of Bet Raise Fold, a documentary about online poker.

Jay Rosenkrantz, of Two Months Two Million fame, and of course screen name DCKrantz fame, is the producer. The documentary can be found online at betraisefoldmovie.com
It begins pre Black-Friday, and follows three online Players. The story line is forced to change dramatically when Black Friday hits and the attention of the documentary is turned to how it affects the online Players. Jay and Taylor want to bring the film to movie theaters all across the USA to help people understand online poker. They need your help in raising funds to be able to do this. Anything that gets the general public interested in poker is good for us all, so I strongly encourage you to aid in the fundraising drive. I know some of you are bitter that DCKrantz took so much money from you back in the day, but get over it, and think of your future!

IveyPoker launches in Beta

I have been anticipating the IveyPoker launch since I signed with them in November  2012. Finally, I can now share  the software and play with each and everyone of you.

There seems to be some confusion on what exactly is IveyPoker.
IveyPoker is a facebook app. You log into your Facebook and find the IveyPoker App http://iveypoker.com/fb-beta .Once logged in you are invited to play and chat with the Ivey Pros. The game is currently free money, so you don’t need a bankroll to sit at a Table with Phil Ivey himself and ask whatever you want.  He’s actually online chatting with you.
The feedback so far has been great. IveyPoker is a new concept in online poker. The goal of the site is not for you to grind tiresomely and build your bankroll. The goal is to allow you to interact with some of the worlds best poker players in a very friendly social environment while learning from them and watching strategy videos.
On the day of the launch, I visited Phil’s place, where Phil, Jennifer Harman, Rupert Elder, Giuseppe Pantaleo and I played on IveyPoker. I have photo evidence that it is these pros in person playing as themselves on the site!
Phil told me, that he was fooling around and made a stupid play and then the players at his table, were like “Hey, this isn’t really Phil Ivey.”  He then realized , “ hmmm, I actually have to play good poker!”
When I played,  I got criticized by a player for not playing many hands, (which no one has ever said about me before). The truth is, I’m muti-tabling, but more than anything, I’m chatting with you, so I get caught up in the chat-box and play less hands than I normally do.
I have played free money sites before, and wasn’t sure of Ivey’s direction at first, but the truth is, it’s a lot of fun. Particularly because of the ability to chat with these Pros. I foresee a lot of prop bets being made in the Ivey Chat box!
The IveyPoker launch was soft, but when it launches in full you can expect an IveyPro to be online 24/7. After the WSOP I’ll be online playing at IveyPoker a minimum of 3-days a week, so go get your account and join me.
To everyone reading this I have promo codes for you. These codes give you access to additional chips and gold, which can be used for playing bigger stakes games, as well as watching Strategy Videos made by Ivey Pros.

IveyPoker Promo Code:



I have to go get ready for the main event.  Good luck to everyone and I hope we chat soon on IveyPoker.com



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Apr 30

Poker Pin-Ups

"Gillian Epp as a Poker Pin-Up Girl"

My Friends over at PokerPinups.com, beginners poker for women, turned me into a Pin-Up girl.

I had fun chatting with them.

We covered some major topics including;

  1. How I got into Poker
  2. What Exactly is the Ivey Poker App ?
  3. My biggest Achievement to date in poker.
  4. WSOP and Celebrities
  5. Top “World Series Of Poker” Tips
  6. Women in Poker
  7. The best Advice I’ve been given
  8. My Poker Idol
  9. How I approach poker
  10. Much much more…


So head over there and show some love.




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Jun 25

Comps, Rake-Back & Feltstars…

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gilliannnn Online Ring games at Feltstars

It’s no secret that I’m not at home on the virtual felt. I’m very talkative and am drawn to the social aspect of poker.
I’ve always believed understanding how your opponent thinks is critical to success in deep cash games.

Online poker players think differently.

To improve my game and better understand my opponent I’ve been playing increasingly more online at Feltstars.ca
My last article for WPT magazine focused on adapting my live poker skills for use online. I spoke about poker software (something I had previously never used).
Today I want to stress the importance of rake-back for any serious player.
As live players we get a slight kickback from the casino, when we are swiped in to the poker table.
At the Bellagio, I pay $7 every half hour to play. To encourage loyalty the Bellagio credits me with $1/hour in comps to be used for food and beverage at many Bellagio Property restaurants.
Online poker rooms have less overhead and therefore can charge less rake. They offer players rewards similar to Bellagio’s comps but ten fold better.

The Rake-back program at Feltstars gives new sign-ups the opportunity to get up to 35% cash back daily on the rake they pay.

Based on my experience with Rake-back a $1-2NL player can fairly easily generate $1000 a month in rake-back.
If you are a break-even player, rake-back puts you in the black if you are already a profitable player, rake-back will increase your bankroll.

For online rookies (like myself) I’ll explain how rake-back at Feltstars works.
In a ring game, every pot that sees a flop is raked, (which means a fee is taken from the pot).
The max rake is dependent on the number of players but online rakes are always less then live.
At Feltstars we use a contributed rake system, which means if you put money in the pot by posting a blind or by voluntary calling or raising, you are allotted an equal amount of rake contribution with all the other active players.

So whether or not you win the pot, you have contributed to the rake and therefore can receive a rebate for your participation in the hand.

If you have a rake-back deal you receive a percentage of that money back at around 1 am every morning- directly into your players account.
I’m in love with the efficiency Feltatars has in returning the funds to players accounts. Every night you play you receive that extra boost.
I’m interested in seeing how rake-back effects your game, so I challenge you to join feltstars, set-up a rake-back deal with me, and keep track of your sessions, rake-back and stakes.
As a reward for your hard work, I will match your first week’s rake-back.

Good Luck!  See you at the tables!



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Jun 16

Have you seen what’s New at FELTSTARS?

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6.0 What’s New

So What’s Changed?

The all new 6.0 software brings a host of exciting cosmetic and functionality changes which will improve the poker experience for all players.  Read on for some more detailed

Player Admin. 

Perhaps the biggest change you will see is the lack of a separate Player Admin screen.  With 6.0, we have now incorporated the information from Player Admin directly into the 6.0 software.  This means that you will no longer be taken away from the software to access your various account information.  It’s all directly available from the various drop-down menu items in the software.

Below is a list of some of the more obvious changes that you will see when you first log into the software and take a look around.


6.0 now gives you the ability to set your local timezone rather than use the software server time.  This feature also automatically changes the listed start times for the tournaments so they are correct for whatever timezone you set.  We offer an extensive list of international timezones to choose


Table Stats.

To keep on top of the action at the tables, 6.0 now features a dedicated window just for table stats.  Here you can view information such as hands dealt, hands won and flops seen.  Also, you can view percentages of pots won both pre and post flop.

New Tournament Lobby.

A detailed tournament lobby page is now available for every tournament in the client.

The lobby screen contains vital information about the chosen tournament including a large clock to clearly show when the tournament starts.  Also included in the new lobby screen is your current bankroll and VIP points and a direct link to the cashier.

Resizing Tables.  
6.0 comes with a brand new table re-size feature that automatically scales important information on the table as you drag to either increase or decrease table size.  Placing the mouse in the lower right corner of any table gives the option to drag the table larger or smaller.  Making a table smaller automatically degrades the interface by dropping off unnecessary display items such as playerbox avatars and the large chat window.  This allows font sizes to remain large and easy to read making it wonderful for players who like to multi-table but want to see the complete table view. Dragging the table larger will again scale important table information but not make it too large and distracting to your eyes.


Table Stack / Tile / Cascade. 
For those who love to multi-table, we now also offer a number of ways to display all of your open tables at the same time. You can decide to either stack all of their tables on top of each other, tile each table so they are all shown or even cascade all open tables across the screen.

We have sized each window ratio to fit 12 tables at minimum size on a single 1080p display perfectly whist still showing your windows start bar.  If you open the maximum allowed 18 tables you will need to stack or cascade them on a single display.  Having a dual display will allow all 18 tables to be tiled.




Custom Player Boxes.    
6.0 now offers the ability to customize the display of any player box at the table.  You are able to color code them, turn off avatars / friend icons and tags and also turn off player accolades if you desire.  You can color code your friends so even if you didn’t realize they were at the tables, you have a visual reference as soon as you see them when they sit down.


The 6.0 client now has two dedicated ways to filter the game list to suit your needs.  Firstly we offer a quick ‘selector’ style filtering which allows you to easily follow your filter choices as you make them.  The game list automatically updates as you choose the various filter options from the game list selectors.  It’s also a great way to visually see what choices you’ve made as each selector is highlighted for you and leads your eye onto the next game list selection you’ve made.

The advanced filter option provided is much more in-depth and provides fine control over every aspect of the game types offered.  Here you can set the game type from the drop menu and the specific stakes you prefer using the slider bar next to it.  Each variation of game is given its own dedicated check box so you can limit to just the ones you prefer and exclude all others.  Also included is the ability to filter using specific table statistics such as ‘Average Pot’, ‘Players per Flop’ and ‘Hands Per Hour’ to name a few.


New Search Field.

The new search field in the 6.0 client allows you to search for a multitude of variables by simply typing them into the provided field.  Search options now include the ability to search on specific table names (such as ‘Rue St Catherine’) or Tournaments (including tournament ID’s), search for specific player nicknames, search on player tags and even search on player notes you may have made.

The search feature auto completes what you’re typing and allows you to quickly find the results you’re after.  You can further refine your search using the search options drop down.


Game List Expanders.

6.0 now offers you the ability to expand your game selection from the game list.  Each game listed has a small arrow to the left of the name.  You can click the arrow to expand the game / tournament selection to display a variety of information about that particular game / tournament.  For example, clicking the expander arrow on a cash game will display information such as the player’s current at the table and the players in the waiting list.  It will also display a small image of the table and give players the ability to ‘Sit Down’ directly from the game list. Doing that will take you straight to the buyin screen.

For Tournaments, the expanded window displays a basic tournament lobby that has the tournament details listed, such as start time, registration time and number of players currently registered.  You can also click on the ‘Lobby’ button provided to be taken to a more detailed lobby display, or you can register directly from the expanded game list.

Shown below is a complete list of specific changes that we’ve made to the Poker Screen.  We feel that this is where you will spend most of your time as a player so great efforts have been made to make this as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

The ‘Poker’ Screen.

1. Game filters can be toggled via an icon on the bar above the filters to allow for an expanded game list.

Selectors Advanced Filters

2. A secondary advanced filter screen may be toggled by clicking an icon on the bar above the filters. When the advanced filter panel is selected it will replace the game list selectors. The advanced filter includes many more filtering options than was possible in previous versions of the client.

3. A search box has been added to the bar above the filters, this provides the ability to search for tables directly, or indirectly by searching against the nicknames, tags and notes of players seated at those tables.

4. Clicking a ring game table row in the game list displays an inline info panel which lists all seated and waiting players along with a mini table view.

5. The mini table view displays seats, players, chipstacks and the button, but no cards or action as it is intended as a seating guide only. Players are rendered along with tags and custom player box colors and players may sit at an empty seat directly from this view.

6. Clicking the maximize button in the top right corner of the table mini-view will launch the full table.

7. Clicking on a tournament or Sit’n’Go row in the game list displays further info about the tournament along with registration options where applicable.

8. The side panel which displayed a list of players in the 5.0 lobby has been removed in favor of the inline info panels mentioned above.

9. Your last used selection in the tree list view, as well as the last used column sorting in the game list are saved between sessions.

10. Your notes icon is displayed in player lists in the poker lobby, along with the ability to launch the notes window by double clicking on players.

11. The notes window is no longer ‘modal’, allowing it to remain open while continuing to play, and to allow multiple notes windows open at the one time.

12. Sort arrows have been added to all column headers in the game list.

13. All tournament list flags have been redesigned and now include a tool tip when hovering over them with the mouse.

Tournament List Flags

14. The naming of ring game tables spawned from the same configuration will now be appended with incrementing roman numerals rather than the game ID of each table.

15. The custom game function is now accessible via a dedicated “Custom Games” option on the tree-view filter.

The ‘Friends’ Screen.

The friends screen is a central place for you to manage your friends list and check in on your game playing activity. Friends can be both added and removed directly from this screen.  There’s no excuse to not stay in touch with your friends now, and who knows, you may even like to challenge them to a friendly game.

The ‘Promotions Screen.

The Promotions screen houses information and links for a small selection of the current promotions.  Be sure to check back for updates regularly!


COMING SOON – Updated rebuy functionality + much much more!


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