About Gillian

Gillian Epp is a Canadian born Poker Player and author. She got her start in cards as a poker and blackjack dealer in a local casino.

Early life

Raised in a small town in the Canadian Rockies, she competed in skating, tennis, skiing and soccer. She was particularly gifted in soccer. Singled out by a boys' Rep coach, Gillian was brought to compete as the only female in a boys' competitive soccer league. Her teammates' parents were not receptive to having a girl on their sons team, which was quickly retracted after seeing Gillian shoot. With other aspirations Gillian did not pursue soccer after high school.

Gillian's childhood was spent among a loving and supportive family. Her mother encouraged Gillian's card playing ability by playing games nightly with her daughter. Her father, a Math Teacher, tutored Gillian in mathematics and probability.


While studying yoga in India, Gillian played Holdem' against backpackers and tourists.

At 19, Gillian returned to Canada, with a love of poker and a desire to learn every aspect of the game. Gillian immersed herself in the game by dealing at a local casino, and studiously reading every poker book at the public library. She played online and live while learning the fundamentals of poker from a dealer's perspective.

Soon it became apparent to Gillian that she could make more money playing rather than dealing so she quit her job to play poker full time. Encouraged by a fattening bankroll Gillian moved up levels quickly and within two years Gillian was playing high stakes cash games. She continues to thrive in the toughest live ring games in Asia, Europe and the Americas..

Regularly playing in tough cash games, Gillian is constantly studying and improving her game. "Playing against the best players raises your own level of play. I learn the most when I am put in challenging situations, the way I am against really good players." says the young pro.

Gillian is a contributing columnist for international Poker Magazines.


In poker Gillian saw an opportunity to combine her passion for traveling with her competitive nature and lifetime love of cards games. From the start of her career of playing in hostels to traveling First Class to Five Star Destinations, poker was alway a means to travel for her.

Having played poker on every continents except Antartica, Gillian says "it is a bucket list item of mine, to get a poker gaming going in Antartica with penguins in the background!"

Other Interests

When not traveling, playing cards, or spending time with her dog, Gillian can be found on the trails hiking, snowboarding in Whistler, playing tennis or relaxing in her Vancouver home.