2013 Main Event

So it's the 2013 Main Event. I'm in it to win it.

My summer as a whole has been fun. I've only played 4 events, my time in Vegas has encompassed much more than tournament poker.

Bet Raise Fold

I started the summer by attending the premier of Bet Raise Fold, a documentary about online poker.

Jay Rosenkrantz, of Two Months Two Million fame, and of course screen name DCKrantz fame, is the producer. The documentary can be found online at betraisefoldmovie.com

It begins pre Black-Friday, and follows three online Players. The story line is forced to change dramatically when Black Friday hits and the attention of the documentary is turned to how it affects the online Players. Jay and Taylor want to bring the film to movie theaters all across the USA to help people understand online poker. They need your help in raising funds to be able to do this. Anything that gets the general public interested in poker is good for us all, so I strongly encourage you to aid in the fundraising drive. I know some of you are bitter that DCKrantz took so much money from you back in the day, but get over it, and think of your future!

IveyPoker launches in Beta

I have been anticipating the IveyPoker launch since I signed with them in November 2012. Finally, I can now share the software and play with each and everyone of you.

There seems to be some confusion on what exactly is IveyPoker.

IveyPoker is a facebook app. You log into your Facebook and find the IveyPoker App http://iveypoker.com/fb-beta .Once logged in you are invited to play and chat with the Ivey Pros. The game is currently free money, so you don't need a bankroll to sit at a Table with Phil Ivey himself and ask whatever you want. He's actually online chatting with you.

The feedback so far has been great. IveyPoker is a new concept in online poker. The goal of the site is not for you to grind tiresomely and build your bankroll. The goal is to allow you to interact with some of the worlds best poker players in a very friendly social environment while learning from them and watching strategy videos.

On the day of the launch, I visited Phil's place, where Phil, Jennifer Harman, Rupert Elder, Giuseppe Pantaleo and I played on IveyPoker. I have photo evidence that it is these pros in person playing as themselves on the site!

Phil told me, that he was fooling around and made a stupid play and then the players at his table, were like "Hey, this isn't really Phil Ivey." He then realized , " hmmm, I actually have to play good poker!"

When I played, I got criticized by a player for not playing many hands, (which no one has ever said about me before). The truth is, I'm muti-tabling, but more than anything, I'm chatting with you, so I get caught up in the chat-box and play less hands than I normally do.

I have played free money sites before, and wasn't sure of Ivey's direction at first, but the truth is, it's a lot of fun. Particularly because of the ability to chat with these Pros. I foresee a lot of prop bets being made in the Ivey Chat box!

The IveyPoker launch was soft, but when it launches in full you can expect an IveyPro to be online 24/7. After the WSOP I'll be online playing at IveyPoker a minimum of 3-days a week, so go get your account and join me.

To everyone reading this I have promo codes for you. These codes give you access to additional chips and gold, which can be used for playing bigger stakes games, as well as watching Strategy Videos made by Ivey Pros.