Canadian Poker Tour

What a week...

I hosted my first Tournament, a Canadian Poker Tour Event at the Grey Eagle Casino and Resort in Calgary, Alberta.

We had a huge amount of stress, as running the event was a really risky play. In the past the CPT had always ran an event at this time, in a different Calgary Casino. However this year, the Poker Manager at that Casino decided he didn't need the CPT and would use the CPT players contact info and the CPT structure, and simply run the event without the Canadian Poker Tour. Was the CPT gonna simply fold their hand? Hell no, they decided to 3 bet, they believed in their product and decided to simply move venues, offer guarantees, and directly compete with the old Casino.

I was hired, to host the event. With my involvement, I regularly tweeted, invited my friends and helped to boost awareness of the CPT Event. I brought a big group of players from Vancouver to support me and the event. The Players from Vancouver are fierce! The Event consisted of six Tournaments, and Vancouver dominated. Damien Damien (CaptainCBet) on Twitter took the PLO title, Dan Idema Daniel Idema (DanOdema) on Twitter beat Jason Mann (j_jmann) on Twitter heads-up for the High Roller Title and Sean G Sean (SeanGPoker) on Twitter won player of the series and over $50K. I had my dear friend Hooman Depars Hooman (hdepars) on Twitter sign the national Anthem, which was a really nice touch.

I kept on insinuating that we needed a players party, and because the Canadian Poker Tour has an official Tequila (Don Raymondo), it wasn't to hard to get them to host a Tequila sampling!

The Event was a huge success, smashing all the guarantees. We had the largest field of any event in the prairie provinces in the last six years. I am proud that I was able to contribute to the success of this event. I am very thankful to all the players who came out to support me, and the CPT.

I want to send a huge Thank-You to the Canadian Poker Tour and Grey Eagle Casino for giving me the opportunity to host the event and of course Don Raymondo for the tequila "sampling".

Congrats once again to all the winners, and I hope to see you all at future events. gillian